A Proper Pour An Honest Meal


Somewhere, in the middle

The story of our establishment started in Kansas City, or maybe it was Denver…..

Or quite possibly it was directly in between, in Hays, Kansas. As my TRIO of sons, and all their friends, would come home to Hays from their new homes far away, the banter about a place for everyone to gather would typically finish with a similar dead end.

You see Hays is a wonderful place with a quality of life similar to that found in the finest suburbs, both east and west. Yet from Kansas City to Denver, there are only a few stops along the way, and even fewer establishments that reflect a vibe similar to that found in such cities. A place to truly relax and share, with family and friends, an honest meal and a proper good time.

So we created that place. We are truly honored to welcome you to TRIO Tap House. It is with great pleasure that we take care of you, so please, relax and partake in our quality brews, timeless cocktails, and carefully crafted menu. My three sons (from which the name comes), my daughter and my amazing wife take pride in this little place, but also in the history of friends, family and fellowship that we all share in this wonderful town. So please enjoy, and bring your closest to enjoy, the honest good times that we love to share.

- Mario & Karen Gutierrez, Owners